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MMS 7th/8th Girls Basketball Teams Edge Salina Lakewood Thursday


On Thursday, the McPherson Middle School Girls Basketball team took on Salina Lakewood that featured a 2-point win in the 8th Grade A, and 7th Grade B Game.

The 8th Grade a team would defeat Lakewood 31-29. Head Coach Heidi Ricke noted, “Tonight was a tough game but the girls showed a lot of heart holding onto the lead to finish out the game.” Ricke added, “Salina-Lakewood came out to play and showed us our toughest game of the season thus far.  The girls had a solid defensive effort.”

Below are the A Team stats:

Jaela Thompson:  13 pts. 5 Rebounds 3 Steal

Rylie Whitfield:  7 pts. 2 Rebounds 2 Steals  

Piper Alvord:  4 pts. 2 Rebounds

Brynn LittleJohn: 4pts. 2 Rebounds

MacKaylie Woltje: 2 pts.         


The Pups would suffer a 35-13 loss in the B Game.    Below are the B Team stats:                                       

Ari Prose:  6 points; 3 Rebounds; 1 Steal

MacKaylie Woltje:  5 points; 6 Rebounds

Molly Owens:  2 points; 9 Rebounds; 3 Steals


In the 7th Grade A Team game, Head Coach Matt Sandbo said, “Were not focused and ready to play the first half on either end.” He mentioned it was a much better second half, as they would go on to win 45-14.

Below are the A Team stats:

Amerie Lowery 14 pts, 5 steals

Jersey Alexander 13 pts, 8 steals

Audra Sandbo 6 pts, 4 assists

Karlie Cooper 6 pts, 6 rebounds

Kennedy Bonham 4 pts, 6 rebounds

Allison Randa 2 pts, 3 rebounds


In the B Team Game, the Pups would edge Lakewoood 29-27. Coach Sandbo said, “It was another tight one for these girls, and they’re improving with every practice and game.”

Below are the B Team stats:

Allison Randa 16

Karlie Cooper 6

Kennedy Bonham 5

Jaylinn Major 2