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42 MMS Wrestlers Competed in Goddard Saturday


GODDARD, Kan. – The wrestling season began on Saturday for the McPherson Middle Schoolers, as they traveled to Goddard to compete in an invitational. “The boys competed very hard and won a lot of matches.” said Head Coach Chet Harlin, he added, “It was the first tournament for many of them, and they will continue to improve moving forward.”

In the 80lb division; Maddox Thul went 1-1 and placed 2nd, while Kynason Hancock went 2-1 and placed 3rd.

In the 85lb division; MJ Burkes placed 1st, going 3-0, while Kolyn Simon was 2-2 placing 4th 

Brady Rinker went 3-0 in the 90lb division for 1st place.

In the 95lb weight class; Seth Turner was 3-0 taking 1st, Bryant Simmelink was 1-2.

In 105-B, Carson Spotted-Elk was 0-2.

At 110lb, Baylor Boesker was 1-2.

Kaleb Postier was 0-2 in 110-B.

Dylan Gunn went 0-2 at 115lbs

Xander Heter was undefeated in three matches taking 1st, while Obi Stevenson was 0-3, and placed 4th in 115-B.

Logan Starks was 3-1, taking 3rd at 120. Hunter Schroeder was 0-2, and Devonte Dishman was 1-2, at 120-B. Ryker Ward went 3-1, placing 3rd in 120-C.

At 127lbs, Colt Harlin was 1-2, and Nolan Pearcy went 0-2. In 127-B, Carter Melton was 3-1 taking 3rd.

Wrestling at 134lbs, Zach Elbert was 3-1 placing 3rd, while Hunter Lawrence went 2-1 at 134-B, placing 3rd.

Lavelle Brownfield was 3-1 placing 3rd, while Nathen Blankenship went 1-2 placing 4th at 141lbs. Javonte Body was 2-0 taking 1st at 141-B.

Garet Wedel was 3-0 taking 1st at 148lbs.

At 148lbs, Asher Allen was 1-2. Mason Miller took first, going 3-0 at 148-B, and Elihah Pankratz was 2-1 placing 2nd at 148-C.

Tracen Williams was 3-0 taking 1st, defeating Achilles Palacios, who went 2-1 for second at 155lbs.

At 165lbs James Fritzemier went 2-1, taking 2nd, and Chase Lowrey was 1-1, taking 3rd. Carl Leathers was 2-1, taking 2nd at 165-B.

Matthew Burger went 2-0 taking taking 1st, defeating Ryker Bascue, who place 2nd going 2-1 at 180lbs.

Jean Diaz went 2-1, taking 2nd at 215-B.

Jayse Gunn went 3-0, taking 1st after defeating Evan Gregory, who went 2-1 for 2nd at 265.