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McPherson Police Begin ‘Taking Down DUI’ Traffic Enforcement Campaign.


McPHERSON, Kan. – Beginning around December 26, and continuing through January 2nd, the McPherson Police Department will join many other law enforcement agencies across the state, including the Kansas Highway Patrol, in the *Taking Down DUI traffic enforcement campaign.

The New Year’s Holiday period outranks most of the other holidays in the number of crashes in which at least one of the drivers is impaired by alcohol and/or other drugs.

Driving while impaired is wrong, but you know that already.  A DUI can stay with you for life, and you WILL get caught, we hope that is a sobering thought.

Make the right choice, the sober choice, beginning now.

According to Captain Jason Cummins, “Keep in mind that if you are going to be using ANY impairing substance– don’t even consider driving.  Line up a ride with a sober acquaintance or other safe transportation BEFORE you go out. On the drive to zero, you are in the driver’s seat.”