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All Schools Day


All About Buttons, T-Shirts and Button Bargains

The All Schools Day buttons are still being sold around McPherson County for $5. The money goes back to pay for the festival. If you don’t want a button, you can buy an All Schools Day T-Shirt instead. Wear the shirt or use the button to get into the events and all of the Button Bargains too.  Be sure to order your shirts before May 6th, from Stewarts in person or online at (

Proceeds of the T-Shirt sales go to the All Schools Day Committee. As a bonus, the shirts are printed as they are ordered so you don’t have to wait until the parade to get it. Group orders will get a discount!

Get your Buttons Now at: 

  • Caseys in McPherson & Lindsborg
  • McPherson Senior Center
  • McPherson Chamber of Commerce
  • White’s Foodliner in Lindsborg
  • The McPherson Museum/CVB
  • Peoples Bank and Trust
  • Quick Pic #5 Kansas and Maple
  • Graber’s Ace Hardware
  • Home State Bank
  • Namoi Ford in Galva
  • First Bank Kansas
  • McPherson Public Library
  • Ad Astra Radio (McPherson)
  • McPherson Farmers State Bank
  • Venable Jewelers
  • The Ark
  • Jump Start

Button Bargains

Wear your All Schools Day Button or T-Shirt and get special savings like these:

ALL SCHOOLS DAY CTA 24Offers Valid only on Parade Day (5/10):

  • The Ark: Antiques and Flea Market: 10% off any item of your choice
  • The Cooks Nook: Pre- Parade Only: Draw Your Discount (10%-40%)
  • Heartbeat Coffee: 25% off all drinks
  • McPherson Opera House: Free small popcorn (8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.)

Offers Valid all week (5/6 – 5/10): Businesses and discounts offered with button or shirt

  • McPherson Quality Air: 30% off HVAC Filters, limit of 2
  • Stupka Chiropractic: 15% off all supplements
  • Revive Integrative Health: 15% off all Infusions & Injections
  • McPherson Public Library: Free postcard bundle, limit of 1 per button
  • Hopp’s Sound & Electric: Assorted Grilling Specials eligible with button
  • Empower Fitness: 50% off your first month + no sign up fees with a 24/7 membership
  • A5 Western: 20% off entire purchase
  • Mama C’s Take & Bake (Canton): Free Cookie with any purchase 
  • Stone Chimney: 20% off entire purchase
  • Steamatic of Central Kansas: 10% off cleaning services
  • Tammy’s Salad Soups & More: 10% off casseroles and 5% off salad bar
  • The Good Merchant (Lindsborg):  10% off purchase
  • The McPherson Museum: Free admission to the featured All Schools Day exhibit
  • Quick Pick #5: 50% off all fountain drinks & slushies
  • First Bank Kansas: Free Pair of Sunglasses
  • McPherson Family YMCA: Joiner fee waived
  • Floss & Needle: 10% off with button
  • McPherson Dental Care (2 Locations): 20% off select dental care items
  • Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum: 10% off in-person purchases at museum gift shop
  • Lindsborg Pizza Hut: 10% discount
  • Indigo Moo’d Ice Cream: BOGO ½ off milkshakes


Other Events Happening and Road Closures

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