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Swedes Baseball Goes Down in Series 1-2


Lindsborg, Kan. ( – The Bethany College Baseball team played at home over the weekend against the Evangel University Baseball Team. While the Swedes would triumph in the first game, they would lose the final two thus losing the series, 1-2.

Game 1


The Bethany Swedes would open up the first inning with a run. Another two runs would follow in the 3rd while also being able to shutout Evangel until the 4th inning. Evangel would score 1 run each in the 4th and 5th innings in an attempt to catch up to the Swedes. Fortunately for the Swedes, Luis de los Santos would continue to pitch an incredible game until being relieved in the 9th inning. Judd McCall would close the bout without allowing a single run therefore keeping Evangel with only two runs for the day. The Swedes would come out victorious 3-2 in what was an incredible pitching and fielding display for both teams.

Game 2


Evangel not being satisfied with the previous day’s results, would look to make to impact in the game. Unfortunately for the Swedes they would scoring two runs in the 1st inning. They would score another 4 runs before the Swedes would respond with 2 runs of their own. While it looked like a steep hill to climb for the Swedes, they wouldn’t go out easily. Unfortunately, every ball the Swedes made contact with seemed to go towards an Evangel player and when it seemed the runs were going to come, the fielding by Evangel would be there to stop that. Unfortunately for the Swedes the game would end 2-9.

Game 3


This next game was do-or-die for both teams. Evangel would again open up with 2 runs in the 1st inning just as they did in the game before. Then they would get another two runs. Bethany again would make contact at bat but would unfortunately not be able to catch a lucky break. Evangel would keep the Swedes at 1 hit throughout the whole game as Bethany College would fall 0-4 on the final game of the series. The sole hit would come from Luis Ramos.

Up Next

The Bethany College Baseball team play Randall University at home in their second game against them this season. In the previous bout, Bethany came out on top 15-10 and look to do so again, but this time in Lindsborg.