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McPherson Area Swimmers Win Second Straight Meet, Pickerell Earns State Qualifying Time


By Grant Barrett, Ad Astra Radio


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – It was a strong performance from the McPherson, Smoky Valley and Moundrige Lady Swimmers on Tuesday, claiming gold in six of the ten events, finishing first as a team for the second straight meet.

Individual first place finishes came from; Bree Pickerell, who claimed a state qualifying time in the 200 Freestyle, Claire Schmidt in the 200 IM, Adyson Wiens in the 50 Freestyle, and Olivia Bengtson in the 100 Butterfly.

In the relay’s, the 200 Freestyle relay team of Adyson Wiens, Claire Schmidt, Clarea Williams, and Olivia Bengtson would take first. The 400 freestyle relay team of Wiens, Williams, Gracy Hubbard, Bree Pickerell, would also take first, while the other relay team of Bengston, Emily Heskett, Jordan Vanderhoof and Ella Schrag would take second.

The McPherson-area swimmers would finish in the top three in all of their events, and other notable finishes came from Hubbard in the 100 backstroke, who earned a new state consideration time with a fourth place finish, she was also third in the 200 freestyle, while Jordan Vanderhoof finished second in the 200 IM. 

Clarea Williams and Ella Schrag finished 3rd and 4th in the 50 freestyle, while Ella Schrag took second in the 100 butterfly. Other third place finishes came from Adyson Wiens in the 100 freestyle, and Clarea Williams in the 100 breaststroke.

“The girls placed really well at this meet.” noted Head Coach Angela Brunk, “It was fun to see the girls’ place so well. We had some really great swims, and several new best times. 

The McPherson-area Co-op team will return to the pool Thursday, when they travel to Emporia for a meet beginning at 4 p.m.

Below are the team and individual results from Tuesday’s meet in Hutchinson:

Great Bend High School-241
Andover Central High School-179
El Dorado High School-174
Buhler High School-161
Hutchinson High School-160

New State Time
Bree Pickerell-200 Freestyle

New Consideration Time
Gracy Hubbard-100 Backstroke

200 Medley Relay
3rd-Lochard, Schmidt, Vanderhoof, Heskett-2:14.72

200 Freestyle
1st-Bree Pickerell-2:11.50
3rd-Gracy Hubbard-2:18.58

200 IM
2nd-Jordan Vanderhoof-2:46.60

50 Freestyle
1st-Adyson Wiens-27.70
3rd-Clarea Williams-28.47
4th-Ella Schrag-28.82
28th-Lena Rauchholz-40.29

100 Butterfly
1st-Olivia Bengtson-1:15.76
2nd-Ella Schrag-1:16.11

100 Freestyle
3rd-Adyson Wiens-1:02.12
6th-Adrien Lochard-1:05.28
7th-Claire Schmidt-1:05.51
10th-Jordan Vanderhoof-1:08.76
11th-Emily Heskett-1:09.82

200 Free Relay
1st-Wiens, Schmidt, Williams, Bengtson-1:52.77
4th-Schrag, Hubbard, Lochard, Pickerell-1:55.77

100 Backstroke
3rd-Bree Pickerell-1:09.36
4th-Gracy Hubbard-1:10.93
13th-Lena Rauchholz-1:50.43

100 Breaststroke
3rd-Clarea Williams-1:24.82
5th-Olivia Bengtson-1:30.77
6th-Emily Heskett-1:31.57

400 Free Relay
1st-Wiens, Hubbard, Williams, Pickerell-4:12.63
2nd-Bengtson, Heskett, Vanderhoof, Schrag-1:03.69