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McPherson Area Girls Swim Team Takes Third at Campus Meet


By Grant Barrett, Ad Astra Radio


HAYSVILLE, Kan. – It was another competitive meet for the McPherson/Smoky Valley and Moundridge co-op swim team on Tuesday, as they encountered a couple of 5A and 6A schools, where they came out with a third place finish.

“This Campus meet is probably one of the most competitive meets we will attend all season.” noted Head Coach Angela Brunk, who mentioned several improvements, adding. “These girls continue to impress me at meets with their times.”

Danica Brunk led with another incredible day, setting a new school record in the 100 Backstroke with a time of 58.25, breaking her own record set last week. She also claimed first in the 100 Freestyle, and 200 Medley Relay and was a part of the second place finish as part of the 400 Freestyle Relay.  

Coach Brunk said, “We are continuing to chip away at times to get closer to those state times or state consideration times.” Bree Pickerell was a part of the 400 Freestyle Relay team, and collected a state qualifying time with a fourth place finish in 200 IM. Pickerell also took third in the 500 Freestyle. Adyson Wiens became another swimmer on the cusp, earning a state consideration time in the 100 Butterfly with a third place finish. Wiens would take fourth in the 50 freestyle 

“We are getting into our stretch of meets where we go back-to-back.” said Brunk, explaining “This was our first meet of 4 within 2 weeks.” she concluded by saying, “The girls are still performing well in the pool with lots of new best times.” The team is looking forward to returning to the pool at 3:30 Friday, at Salina South. 

Below are the team scores from Tuesday’s meet hosted by Campus.

1. Winfield High School-458.5
2. Campus Colts-406.5
3. McPherson High School-386
4. Derby High School-351
5. Garden City High School-263
6. El Dorado High School-141
7. Hutchinson High School-123
8. Coffeyville Field Kindley High-60
9. Liberal High School-35

Individual Results

200 Medley Relay-
1st-Brunk, Schmidt, Wiens, Bengtson-2:00.71
11th-Pickerell, Heskett, Schrag, Williams-2:16.04

200 Freestyle-
4th-Gracy Hubbard-2:19.99
7th-Adrien Lochard-2:25.86

200 IM-
4th-Bree Pickerell-2:30.97
9th-Olivia Bengtson-2:47.65
10th-Ella Schrag-2:51.32

50 Freestyle-
4th-Adyson Wiens-27.48
7th-Claire Schmidt-28.22
17th-Jordan Vanderhoof-31.92
Sofia Podesta-36.55
Lena Rauchholz-37.97

100 Butterfly-
3rd-Adyson Wiens-1:09.71
10th-Ella Schrag-1:16.94
12th-Jordan Vanderhoof-1:19.84

100 Freestyle-
1st-Danica Brunk-54.50
11th-Gracy Hubbard-1:04.57
16th-Emily Heskett-1:10.21

500 Freestyle-
3rd-Bree Pickerell-5:52.80
6th-Clarea Williams-6:27.28

200 Freestyle Relay-
1st-Bengtson, Schmidt, Williams, Schrag-1:53.79
7th-Hubbard, Lochard, Heskett, Vanderhoof-2:00.81

100 Backstroke-
1st-Danica Brunk-58.25
10th-Olivia Bengtson-1:13.36
11th-Adrien Lochard-1:13.83
Lena Rauchholz-1:48.04

100 Breaststroke-
8th-Claire Schmidt-1:19.26
12th-Clarea Williams-1:25.31
17th-Emily Heskett-1:31.89
Sofia Podesta-1:49.46

400 Freestyle Relay-
2nd-Wiens, Hubbard, Pickerell, Brunk-4:02.26
10th-Lochard, Podesta, Vanderhoof, Rauchholz

New State Qualifications-
Bree Pickerell-200 IM

New State Consideration-
Adyson Wiens-100 Butterfly

New School Record-
Danica Brunk-100 Backstroke-58.25