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Mac-Area Swimmers Claim Fourth-Straight 1st Place Finish to Conclude Regular Season


By: Grant Barrett, Ad Astra Radio


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – The McPherson-area Swimmers were able to bring home gold one final time as a co-op team, as they concluded the regular season on Tuesday, competing against seven other schools, winning their fourth straight meet. 

New state qualifying times from Danica Brunk, in the 100 breaststroke and 200 freestyle on her way to first place finishes, and a new state consideration time from Bree Pickerell, who finished second in the 100 butterfly. Three ladies trailed Pickerell in the event by less than six seconds, as Ella Schrag claimed third, Jordan Vanderhoof fourth, and Olivia Bengston was fifth.

Other top individual finishes came from Adyson Wiens, who was second in the 50 freestyle, followed by Schrag, who was fourth. Wiens also took second in the 100 freestyle, while Clarea Williams and Gracy Hubbard finished .3 seconds apart for fifth and sixth. Hubbard and Adrien Lochard finished second and third in the 100 backstroke.

In the relays, the 200 medley, and 400 freestyle would take first, while the 200 freestyle relay team would take second. Overall, the the Pups would finish first in four out of the nine events, and following the meet, Head Coach Angela Brunk noted, “I am so proud of these girls. They are a great group of girls and I am so proud of them. They have worked so hard all season and we have had a lot of great time drops throughout the season.” 

The Pups are looking forward to returning to Hutchinson, for the AVCTL Meet next Friday, May 12. Meet is set for 4:00 p.m.

Below are the team and individual results from Tuesday’s Meet in Hutchinson:

Team Scores:
McPherson High School-312
Dodge City High School-168
Hutchinson High School-132
Holcomb High School-126
Hays High School-109
Classical School of Wichita-83
Liberal High School-38

200 Medley Relay
1st-Pickerell, Schmidt, Brunk, Wiens-2:04.78
6th-Rauchholz, Bengtson, Vanderhoof, Hubbard-2:34.09

200 Freestyle
1st-Danica Brunk-2:03.84

50 Freestyle
2nd-Adyson Wiens-27.92
4th-Ella Schrag-28.69
7th-Claire Schmidt-29.01
9th-Adrien Lochard-29.37
14th-Jordan Vanderhoof-31.32
26th-Sofia Podesta-37.46
32nd-Lena Rauchholz-39.82

100 Butterfly
2nd-Bree Pickerell-1:09.92
3rd-Ella Schrag-1:13.64
4th-Jordan Vanderhoof-1:15.83
5th-Olivia Bengtson-1:15.83

100 Freestyle
2nd-Adyson Wiens-1:01.37
5th-Clarea Williams-1:04.50
6th-Gracy Hubbard-1:04.79
11th-Emily Heskett-1:10.15
29th-Lena Rauchholz-1:33.78

200 Freestyle Relay
2nd-Wiens, Schmidt, Williams, Bengtson-1:53.73

100 Backstroke
2nd-Gracy Hubbard-1:11.14
3rd-Adrien Lochard-1:12.47

100 Breaststroke
1st-Danica Brunk-1:17.04
3rd-Claire Schmidt-1:20.93
5th-Bree Pickerell-1:23.51
8th-Clarea Williams-1:27.30
10th-Emily Heskett-1:30.25
13th-Olivia Bengtson-1:33.49

400 Freestyle Relay
1st-Williams, Brunk, Hubbard, Pickerell-4:06.05
3rd-Schrag, Heskett, Vanderhoof, Lochard-4:29.96

New State Times
Danica Brunk-100 Breaststroke, 200 Freestyle

New State Consideration Times
Bree Pickerell-100 Butterfly