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Bullpup Tennis Claims Third in Thursday’s Maize Invitational, Highlighted by Archer’s 1st Place Finish


By Grant Barrett, Ad Astra Radio


MAIZE, Kan. – Three out of the four McPherson entries reached the semifinals of the Maize Invitational on Thursday, as they competed against seven other teams where they finished third overall.

“Much better day to play tennis.” noted McPherson Head Coach Tyler Brown, “It was sunny and still breezy, but you didn’t think the light poles were going to blow down.” 

Bryson Archer was able to win all three of his matches at No. 2 singles, and placed 1st overall, claiming an 8-7 (6) win over Maize’s Jack Ring, a player in which Coach Brown mentioned being one of the top players this year.

Ethan Elder dropped his first match to Maize, but responded by winning his next two games of the day, playing No.1 singles.  Kayden McVicker and Alex Berger opened the day up with a big win over Hutchinson No. 1 Doubles team, winning 8-5, but after making the semifinals they would drop their next two matches to tough teams from Bishop Carroll and Wichita Collegiate team to take 4th. 

Viggo McHenry and Hunter Mendez opened up the day with a win over Maize and before falling in their next two matches also taking 4th in the No. 2 Doubles division. 

Following the third place finish, McPherson will return to action at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, in Hesston. Brown mentioned a few teams from their Regional will be in attendance, and concluded by saying, “Our team will be up, and ready to go.”


Below are the team results from the Maize Invitational:
Maize (Red) 22
Bishop Carroll 21
McPherson 19
Wichita Collegiate 19
Maize South 16
Goddard 7
Maize (White) 7
Hutchinson 5


Below are the McPherson individual results from the Maize Invitational:
#1 Singles: Ethan Elder 2-1 5th
#2 Singles: Bryson Archer 3-0 1st
#1 Doubles: Kayden McVicker / Alex Berger 1-2 4th
#2 Doubles: Viggo McHenry / Hunter Mendez 1-2 4th