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Bullpup Girls Swimming Earns First Team Win at Salina


McPHERSON, Kan – In their third meet of the season, the McPherson High School girls swim team earned their first win of the season in Salina.

Below are the individual and team results:


200 Medley Relay

1. Danica Brunk, Rachel Fischer, Adyson Wiens, Bree Pickerell-2:00.43

3. Gracy Hubbard, Claire, Ella Schrag, Hensli Lofdahl-2:16.40

12. Ashton Hampton, Gemma Carter, Hazel Wuertz, McKenzie Dammann-2:51.95


200 Freestyle

1. Danica Brunk-2:02.54

5. Liberty Hampton-2:39.13

12. Ashton Hampton-3:12.97


200 IM

3. Bree Pickerell-2:27.25

4. Adyson Wiens-2:32.02

10. Hazel Wuertz-3:07.51


50 Freestyle

1. Clarea Williams-28.19

3. Ella Schrag-28.82

5. Claire Schmidt-29.60

Jersey Elseth-33.34

Gemma Carter-34.90

Roxy Riedel-35.88

McKenzie Dammann-37.85


100 Butterfly

1. Bree Pickerell-1:08.58

2. Adyson Wiens-1:09.18

4. Ella Schrag-1:12.46


100 Freestyle

1. Danica Brunk-54.22

2. Rachel Fischer-1:05.4

10. Hensli Lofdahl-1:14.91

Jersey Elseth-1:14.41


500 Freestyle

3. Gracy Hubbard

6. Liberty Hampton

8. Hazel Wuertz


200 Freestyle Relay

1. Adyson Wiens, Clarea Williams, Bree Pickerell, Danica Brunk-1:49.75

3. Rachel Fischer, Jersey Elseth, Liberty Hampton, Claire Schmidt-2:03.92

12. McKenzie Dammann, Gemma Carter, Roxy Riedel, Ashton Hampton-2:25.35

100 Backstroke

2. Gracy Hubbard-1:12.73

6. Hensli Lofdahl-1:21.47

10. Roxy Riedel-1:26.86


100 Breaststroke

2. Rachel Fischer-1:18.81

5. Clarea Williams-1:23.53

7. Claire Schmidt-1:24.82

Gemma Carter-1:49.58

Ashton Hampton-2:00.22


400 Freestyle Relay

2. Ella Schrag, Gracy Hubbard, Liberty Hampton, Clara Williams-4:27.69

6. Hensli Lofdahl, Roxy Riedel, Jersey Elseth, Hazel Wuertz-5:13.48


Team Scores

1. McPherson High School 475

2. Salina Central 414

3. Manhattan High School 369

4. Salina South 313

5. Newton High School 253

6. Valley Center High School 215

7. Southeast of Saline 32


State Consideration-

Bree Pickerell-100 Butterfly


State Qualifying-

Bree Pickerell-200 IM

Danica Brunk-100 Freestyle

Bree Pickerell, Clarea Williams, Adyson Wiens, Danica Brunk-200 Freestyle Relay

Remarks from head coach Angela Brunk:

Salina was our first win of the season and it was good to get the win. We finished qualifying all of our relays for state and qualified a few more individual swimmers for events. We won over half of the events at this meet, and we placed within the top three in every event. It wasn’t one of our faster swim meets and we didn’t get a ton of best times, but we did place well. We will be back in the pool on Thursday at Campus.