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Bullpup Boys Tennis Wraps Up 2024 Season-Opening Invite in McPherson



  1. Newton – 51
  2. Hays – 45
  3. Winfield – 44
  4. McPherson (Red) – 42
  5. Derby – 40
  6. Salina South – 28
  7. Great Bend – 12
  8. McPherson (White) – 10


Team Red
Hunter Mendez 3-1 9th
Viggo McHenry 2-2 10th
Alex Berger / Bryson Archer 3-1 3rd
Owen Neighbors / Charlie Krug 2-2 4th
Team White
Rogan Jones 0-4 16th
Grayson Koenig 1-3 15th
Pau Gonzales / Mason Eisenbarth 2-2 13th
Hayden Seimens / Jonas Emery 1-3 14th
Coach Tyler Brown’s remarks:
I’m glad that we decided to move the tournament to Wednesday.  If we would have stuck with play on Tuesday I don’t think the players would have been able to hang on to their racquet with it being so cold and windy.  [Wednesday] was a players day.  It was cool, sunny and there was very little wind.  Team Red was able to pull out a 4th place finish and Team White finished 8th.  Our top finishers came from team red from our doubles players who ended up playing each other in the 3rd place match.  Our next top finishers came from our singles players from team red who ended up playing each other in the consolation final for 9th.  Team White was made up of alot of our strong freshmen that came in this year to the program.  They got a taste of what a varsity meet is like and gained some valuable experience.
The team will have a quick turnaround with a meet Thurs. March 28 at Conway Springs.