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Bullpup Boys Tennis Places 6th in Invitational at Andover


Team Results:

Andover Central 48
Andover 45
Wichita Collegiate 41
Valley Center 39
Wichita Classical 36
McPherson 28
Hesston 20
Wichita Independent 5
Individual Results:
Pau Gonzalez Carnicer 3-1 9th
Owen Neighbors 1-3 12th
Alex Berger / Bryson Archer 3-1 5th
Hunter Mendez / Charlie Krug 2-2 13th
We couldn’t have asked for better weather at a loaded tournament.  The Andover schools are expected to be at the top of 5A, Collegiate and Classical is always contending to be the best in 321A and hopefully we can find our way in 4A.  When Alex and Bryson played a team from Classical in the 5th place match that finished 3rd at STATE you know it was a loaded field.  They played some of their best tennis to be able to get the win 8-6 in that match.  I was impressed with how Pau is starting to shape into a solid player.  With the exception of him dropping his first match he bounced back and won his next 3 matches.  Hunter and Charlie dropped their first 2 matches but then rallied in their next 2 matches to finish the day with a .500 record.  Owen, who has been playing doubles for us, played singles for the first time this year and finished the day 1-3 but basically in every singles match.  We have a short turn around before we head to Goddard, Saturday to play in the John Markham Spring Classic which will probably be as tough or tougher then several of the state tournaments.