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Baseball Swedes Go Down in 32-Run Game


Lindsborg, Kan. ( – The Bethany College Baseball team played at home against the University of St. Mary Baseball Team. The run filled game brought a lot of excitement for both sides.


St. Mary would start off the game by scoring the 1st run in the 1st inning. They would score another 2 runs in the next inning while the Swedes would only stay at 1 run in the 2nd. In the 6th inning St. Mary would extend their lead by 5 runs making their lead 9-2 by the 7th inning. In the 7th inning the Swedes would find a sudden burst of momentum and score 5 runs of their own with the fighting spirit being very strong within the team. Their momentum would be ended on a difficult call at home where the umpire deemed Israel Brenes to be out. Unfortunately, in the 9th inning St. Mary would score 11 runs and make it a difficult path to come back from for the Swedes. Not willing to go out without a fight, the Swedes still managed to score 4 runs in that inning ending the game 21-11. Both teams played their hearts out in this 32-run thriller, but unfortunately the Swedes would not be on top.

Up Next

The Bethany College Baseball team play away at Friends where they look to get back to winning ways in their conference run. Having shown that the team is capable of scoring when needed, the Swedes will rely on their batters to translate the single game success to the upcoming 3-game series.