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Baseball Swedes Defeat Panthers 16-6


Lindsborg Kan. ( – The Bethany College Baseball team played at home against York University where they were able to successfully prevent a possible comeback from their rivals and win via mercy rule for the first time this season.



It was a very windy afternoon meaning that there would be the possibility of many errors for both sides. The Panthers opened up the game with a run in the first inning bur right away the Swedes would respond with 4 runs. The Swedes would extend their lead a further 2 runs. The Panthers not willing to go down easy seemed close to replicating the comeback from the previous game. Despite this, the Swedes would not want to go through that again. Kevin Nieves in his first start pitching only allowed 1 earned run while Caleb Copeland would have 6 RBIs. A homerun from Hunter Roe also contributed to the incredible batting by the Swedes. Derek Prensa would also start at bat for the first time this season and racked up a hit and an RBI. After 17 hits as a team, the Swedes would win 16-6 as the game ended in the 8th inning via mercy rule for the first time this season. The hard work of the team saw them finally break a long losing streak against a formidable opponent.

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The Bethany College Baseball team will stay in Lindsborg this weekend to play Ottawa at home. Ottawa are looking to make an impact on the rode while the Swedes look to build off the momentum from this massive win.