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McPherson Citywide Spelling Bee Champions


By Lucky Kidd


McPHERSON, Kan. — It took 10 words between the final two spellers to decide the adult spelling champion of McPherson Thursday night. The tenth word, hyperthyroidism was spelled correctly by Dinah Strange to win the McPherson Public Library’s Adult Spelling Bee held at three Rings Brewery

Strange spelled that word correctly after spelling brontosaurus, which was missed by Jennifer Dawson, who finished second. Third place went to Tina Anderson, Strange’s first cousin, who was tripped up by the word jaundice in round 11.

The spellers lined up at Three Rings Brewery in McPherson. (Photo by Lucky Kidd)

19 spellers started out in the competition, with three going out in the first round. The fifth round was the one that took out the largest number of contestants with five misspelling their words in that round. The field was reduced to the final three after round nine.

As the top three spellers, Strange, Dawson and Anderson advance to the McPherson County Adult Spelling Bee Friday, August 25th in Moundridge, where they will join three qualifiers already determined from Canton and Marquette and the three Moundridge finalists to be decided Friday evening. The winning speller will win a donation to their local public library.