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City of Hutchinson Public Works Traffic Division Announces Upgrades to 30th and Halstead Intersection


By the City of Hutchinson Public Works Department


HUTCHINSON, Kan. —The City of Hutchinson Public Works Traffic Division is implementing improvements to the traffic signals at the intersection of 30th Ave and Halstead St to include protected left turns for eastbound and westbound traffic. These changes will designate the inside lanes on both east and west directions of 30th Ave to accommodate both through traffic and left turns. This adjustment introduces a split-phase system, which allows eastbound and westbound traffic on 30th Ave dedicated times to proceed, while halting all conflicting traffic movements with red signals, thus enhancing safety.

Please note, northbound and southbound traffic on Halstead St will remain unaffected and continue to flow simultaneously.

To facilitate these upgrades, there will be a brief power outage at the intersection on April 19th to complete necessary connections. During this time, officers from the Hutchinson Police Department will be present to direct traffic, minimizing inconvenience to motorists.

After the power is restored, the intersection will temporarily operate in recall mode, cycling through green lights at each approach regardless of traffic volume. By the end of next week, a traffic detection system will be installed to optimize traffic flow.

The City of Hutchinson remains dedicated to enhancing our traffic infrastructure to improve safety and convenience for all users. We thank you for your patience and understanding during these improvements.

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Public Works Traffic Division at 620- 694-1900.