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Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors selects 2023 winners

The Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors has recognized a new class of leaders for their contributions to the state’s dairy industry. Third-generation dairyman Sean Cornelius milks 120 cows and farms 1,200 acres in Hamilton.  He received the Dairy Leadership Award for his work creating... Read More.

Yield Contest Winners

Most of the top winners of the Missouri Soybean yield contest managed to eclipse 100 bushels to the acre. Missouri Soybeans Field Services Coordinator Dylan Anderson says Joseph Landewee from Chaffee Missouri topped the irrigated division with nearly 109 bushels to the acre.

Sub-State Volleyball Results: 4 McPherson County Schools Among Winners

Sub-State Volleyball Results 4A AndaleAndale (W): 25-23-25 vs Clay Center: 17-25-18 4A UlyssesUlysses: 13-17 vs McPherson (W): 25-25 3A HalsteadHalstead: 11-19 vs Smoky Valley (W): 25-25 3A HavenCheney (W): 25-25 vs Trinity Academy: 21-21 2A HillsboroSedgwick: 16-12 vs Hillsboro (W): 25-25 2A SterlingInman (W): 25-25-25 vs Ellinwood: 27-17-17 1A Div. I... Read More.