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Managing weeds a top priority

A farmer in southwest Minnesota says weed management has taken the top priority when conditions are right to spray. “Once the corn has been sprayed, we switch to spraying soybeans.” George Goblish tells Brownfield with all of the recent rains, the weeds have become a... Read More.

Weeds take off under abnormal warmth

Weeds are taking advantage of abnormally warm conditions. Mike Probst with BASF says growth of several winter annuals has accelerated. “Where maybe around now is the time that we would normally expect some of those fields start greening up, we’ve actually seen that process start... Read More.

Have a plan for resistant weeds

As farmers manage resistant weeds like amaranth and Italian rye grass, Ryan Bryant with UPL says a comprehensive weed management plan is a good idea. “Using a good pre-foundation, follow with a timely post-emergence application and at the same time, making sure we’re using... Read More.

Get ahead of early emerging weeds

Farmers are encouraged to get in front of early emerging weeds. Mark Mongen is an Enlist field specialist for Corteva Agriscience who covers Michigan and Ohio. “We don’t want weeds to get a foothold in our corn and soybean fields, because once the do they... Read More.

Herbicide coverage a key to controlling challenging weeds

Getting adequate herbicide spray coverage can be crucial to controlling weeds. Steve Snyder is an Enlist field specialist in Minnesota and the Dakotas for Corteva Agriscience. “You can have poor coverage, maybe not as effective in a nozzle or not enough gallons when you’re spraying,... Read More.