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Near-seasonal warmth, heat and rainfall ahead for much of the Heartland

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for near- or above-normal temperatures nationwide, with the greatest likelihood of hot weather covering the western U.S.  Meanwhile, above-normal rainfall across much of the South, East, and lower Midwest should contrast with drier-than-normal conditions across the... Read More.

Weeds take off under abnormal warmth

Weeds are taking advantage of abnormally warm conditions. Mike Probst with BASF says growth of several winter annuals has accelerated. “Where maybe around now is the time that we would normally expect some of those fields start greening up, we’ve actually seen that process start... Read More.

Unseasonable Midwest warmth brings back memories of 2012

Warmer temperatures have Midwest farmers thinking about fieldwork and recalling another recent mild late winter.  Eric Snodgrass, chief science fellow at Nutrien Ag Solutions, says the unseasonably warm and dry conditions have raised concerns… “It is likely going to be one of the warmest winters... Read More.

Unseasonable warmth could complicate cover crop management

Unseasonably warm weather could complicate cover crop management this spring. University of Minnesota soil scientist Jeff Strock says species like cereal rye and winter rye should enjoy fabulous growing conditions in the weeks ahead. “To put on above-ground biomass, to essentially be a scavenger for... Read More.