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Vilsack: farm bill compromise needed

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack tells Brownfield the new farm bill is a long way from being completed. “There’s still work to be done obviously between parties to get to yes.” He says there are discrepancies on how House lawmakers intend to pay for crop... Read More.

Vilsack points to CCC as potential farm bill solution

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says funding continues to be a major holdup in farm bill negotiations. “We’re still waiting for the House and Senate to put on the table what they are looking at, and I’ve continued to indicate a willingness to sit down... Read More.

Ernst questions USDA’s telework policies, Vilsack defends workers

A U.S. Senator is asking Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack to review USDA’s telework policies. Iowa’s Joni Ernst tells Brownfield an increase in accountability is needed to help ensure USDA employees are serving farmers and ranchers. “This is not Joni Ernst’s opinion,” Ernst said. “This... Read More.

Vilsack expects poultry line speed waiver extensions

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says USDA will likely extend the waivers allowing faster poultry processing line speeds.  He says, “I think we will see an extension of this because we want to make sure we get the right information about whether or not... Read More.

Vilsack asks pointed questions in face of farm decline

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack challenged attendees of this morning’s USDA Ag Outlook Forum to consider the consequences of fewer U.S. farms. “Ask yourself whether you’re okay with losing a half million farms in a lifetime. Ask yourself if you’re okay with America losing... Read More.

Vilsack says Prop 12 could cause chaos in the marketplace

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says California’s Proposition 12 law could create some serious concerns for agricultural producers. “When each state has the ability to define for itself and for its consumers, exactly what farming techniques or practices are appropriate, it does create the possibility... Read More.

Thompson, Vilsack debate fertilizer price and availability

The cost of agricultural inputs and its impact on food prices was debated during a House Ag Committee hearing on Wednesday. Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson said producers haven’t been able to catch any breaks when it comes to fertilizer. “We’re not producing more fertilizer,”... Read More.

Vilsack visits Minnesota to highlight REAP successes

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack visited Minnesota this week to highlight USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program. Governor Tim Walz accompanied Vilsack during a stop to a farm near St. Charles in the southeastern part of the state and tells Brownfield REAP is creating value-added... Read More.