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More tar spot confirmed in Missouri

University of Missouri Plant Pathologist Mandy Bish says there are now four confirmed cases of tar spot in Missouri so far this season. In addition to last week’s confirmation in Howard County, Chariton, Platte and Lafayette/Saline Counties have been added to the list. Read... Read More.

Tar Spot has Corn Belt on alert

Tar spot has been confirmed in several Corn Belt states already and has growers on alert.                “If you’re finding it in the other states around us, more likely it’s here as well.”  AgriGold agronomist Kevin Gale says discovery of the disease this early is... Read More.

Tar spot confirmed in central Missouri

Tar spot has been confirmed in central Missouri by the University of Missouri’s Plant Diagnostic Clinic about 10 days earlier than last year. “Last year we found it on June 23 and this year, we found it on June 14.” Extension Plant Pathologist Mandy... Read More.

Tar spot found in Indiana

Tar spot has been confirmed in Indiana and an extension pathologist says this is the earliest it’s ever been confirmed. Darcy Telenko (Tell-ink-o) with Purdue University says it was found in plots in northern Indiana. “Yes, we found it. It doesn’t mean it’s time to... Read More.

Preparing for the Battle Against Tar Spot

As farmers head into the 2024 planting season, it’s not too early to start thinking about tar spot. In this Managing for Profit, Cody Hornaday, a technical agronomist for Channel brand seed, says scouting will be key throughout the entire growing season. ...