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Sorghum acres below last year

Sorghum acreage is expected to be down this year. The USDA estimated sorghum planted area at 6.394 million acres, 11% less than 2023, but a little bit more than what producers planted in 2022. That year to year drop is largely due to declines in... Read More.

Sorghum seen as part of global hunger solution

Sorghum is being promoted as a solution to global food insecurity. Sorghum United CEO Nate Blum says countries like Kenya are seeing crop failures due to extreme weather. “Where maize has failed. And not that there’s anything wrong with maize, but it uses more... Read More.

Sorghum export sales hit marketing year high

The USDA says the week ending February 22nd was another mixed week for U.S. export sales. Business continues to show the impact on trade from the strength of the dollar relative to other currencies, which limits U.S. competition on the global market. Sorghum... Read More.