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Ohio soil moistures vary greatly

Ohio farmers are experiencing mixed field conditions ahead of planting. Heather Bryan tells Brownfield the northwest has had heavy rain in recent weeks. “We had some big rain events recently in this past couple of weeks, so I would say just getting to the point... Read More.

Using a Soil Test as a Road Map

Soil testing is a critical starting point for growers developing a crop nutrition plan. On this week’s episode of Managing for Profit, an agronomy expert with AgroLiquid says a soil test provides a baseline of the nutrient inventory in a grower’s soil. ...

Nebraska soil moisture levels dip

Warm, dry conditions for most of February have had an effect in Nebraska. The USDA says soil moisture levels across the state declined, while still holding at early 2023 levels, with only about a third of the state in some form of drought, compared... Read More.

Dry conditions impact Illinois’ soil moisture

Warmer, drier conditions were the big ag weather feature for Illinois in February. The USDA says average statewide temperatures were 10 degrees above usual levels, while precipitation was more than an inch short of normal, impacting soil moisture levels ahead of spring planting. 66% of... Read More.

Farmers for Soil Health

Cover crops are a great tool for farmers to keep fertilizers in the field to benefit the environment and help improve the bottom line. In this Managing for Profit, Illinois farmer and Production Committee Chair for the Illinois Soybean Association Brady Holst talks about how... Read More.

Managing Soil pH to Maintain High Yields

Too often, farmers forget that soil pH can impact soybean yield potential. In this Managing for Profit, we check in with Todd Vaults, Channel Technical Agronomist who reminds farmers that soil pH is actually a big factor in yield success. ...

Get the Scoop on Soil Activators in Houston

In this week’s Soil Health Hotline, a partnership with Sound Agriculture and Brownfield Ag News, Sound Ag’s Senior Director of Agronomy Jeff Divan has more about what farmers can expect to learn about soil health at the 2024 Commodity Classic. ...

Illinois Farmers for Soil Health program deadline nears

Illinois farmers have one last month to enroll cover crops that were planted last fall into the Farmers for Soil Health program. Illinois Soybean Association’s Production Committee Chair Brady Holst tells Brownfield the program incentivizes planting new cover crops over a three-year period. “Cover crops... Read More.

South Dakota soil moisture improves

A wet January helped soil moisture levels in South Dakota. The USDA says 75% of topsoil and 65% of subsoil now have adequate to surplus soil moisture levels, and while drought remains in parts of the state, that’s still significantly better than at the... Read More.