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Soil moisture improvement has a Kansas farmer optimistic

Precipitation is always a concern for a north-central Kansas farmer.   But Michael Junek tells Brownfield he’s optimistic about the year ahead. “We got a little bit of snow and sleet here the other day,” he says. “But some of our ponds are looking... Read More.

Soil moisture crucial to getting corn off to good start

An extension agronomist points to soil moisture as a crucial piece of getting corn off to a good start. Jeff Coulter with the University of Minnesota says it starts at planting. “And it’s important to place those seeds in moisture, get good seed to soil... Read More.

South Dakota soil moisture, wheat rating down slightly

Soil moisture and winter wheat ratings fell a little bit in South Dakota over the past month. The USDA says more than half of the state has adequate soil moisture levels, down from the end of February, but still much better than this time... Read More.

Nebraska sees soil moisture decrease

Nebraska’s soil moisture levels declined over the past month. The USDA says around half of the state is short to very short of soil moisture at the end of March following a mostly dry end to winter, which is a concern ahead of planting,... Read More.

Eastern Corn Belt likely to regain soil moisture

An ag meteorologist says he expects soil moisture conditions to replenish over the spring in parts of the Eastern Corn Belt. Michigan climatologist Jeff Andresen tells Brownfield, “We’re way below normal on our seasonal snowfall totals statewide, but we’ll add some to that here... Read More.

Credit coming for decades old soil health practices

Farmers who’ve been implementing soil health practices for years aren’t always recognized for that work in new voluntary carbon market programs, because companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint “they’re looking for new tons of carbon to be sequestered.” But Alan Weber with... Read More.

South central IL farmers worried about soil moisture

Farmers in south central Illinois are worried about the lack of soil moisture heading into planting. David Kleinschmidt, owner of Progressive Agronomy Consulting, says the region is dry… “Comparing today’s date to a year ago and seeing where we fall with moisture, where we’re sitting... Read More.

Farmers say more soil moisture needed before spring planting

Midwest farmers say the mild winter might allow for earlier spring planting, but additional soil moisture is needed for a good start this spring. Josh Manske, a farmer in northern Iowa, says soil conditions are drier than usual as spring fertilizer is being applied... Read More.

Ohio soil moistures vary greatly

Ohio farmers are experiencing mixed field conditions ahead of planting. Heather Bryan tells Brownfield the northwest has had heavy rain in recent weeks. “We had some big rain events recently in this past couple of weeks, so I would say just getting to the point... Read More.

Using a Soil Test as a Road Map

Soil testing is a critical starting point for growers developing a crop nutrition plan. On this week’s episode of Managing for Profit, an agronomy expert with AgroLiquid says a soil test provides a baseline of the nutrient inventory in a grower’s soil. ...