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Dairy producers should plan for less Chinese buyers

An expert on world politics says China will try to replace whatever it gets from the U.S. but for now, there are still market opportunities.  Jacob Shapiro is an analyst who predicts global trends including world agricultural markets.  Shapiro says China will continue... Read More.

Iowa farmer says planting should start on time

Farmers across areas of the Corn Belt are less than a month away from planting the 2023 crop. Eric Wilson, Agronomy Manager with Wyffels Hybrids, says growers should start on time despite a recent cold snap. “Realistically, if things could turn around and we get... Read More.

Fading La Nina should lead to a wetter Midwest spring

After three years, the La Nina weather pattern is beginning to fade and an atmospheric scientist says that should mean a wetter spring. Eric Snodgrass with Nutrien Ag Solutions tells Brownfield a shift to El Nino generally means a wetter spring in the... Read More.

Farmland loss should be alarming

The rate of farmland loss is being highlighted as part of the Great Lakes Crop Summit.  Becky Huttenga, economic development coordinator for Ottawa County, works to preserve and protect farmland in West Michigan. She tells Brownfield attrition from aging farmers lends itself to... Read More.

All investors should be welcome

The head of a farmland real estate company sees outside investors as a way to connect urban consumers to agriculture. Farmland Partners CEO Paul Pittman tells Brownfield his company operates as a real estate investment trust, or REIT, on the New York Stock Exchange. “We... Read More.

Plant pathologist says fungicide should be in the plans for 2023

A plant pathologist says as farmers plan for the 2023 growing season the opportunistic characteristics of tar spot make fungicide applications even more important. Tyler Harp with Syngenta tells Brownfield it can be very destructive, very quickly.  “ It’s one of those diseases that... Read More.