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The role of inflation on food prices

Many people are still seeing high food prices in the grocery store. A recent survey by American Farm Bureau looked specifically at the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner. The total cost for 10 people came to $64 and five cents, which is a 20... Read More.

The important role of food banks

Many Americans are feeling the pinch of rising gas prices and rising food costs.  And according to Feeding America, the number of people receiving help from the charitable food sector. Vince Hall is the chief government relations officer. AUDIO: Healthy Living with Vince Hall of Feeding... Read More.

Co-ops can play a role in farm broadband expansion

A leading CoBank economist says farm supply co-ops can lead the way in building on-farm private broadband networks. Jeff Johnston tells Brownfield farmer co-ops can build their own fixed wireless private networks thanks to a 2018 Federal Communications Commission decision. “They can deploy a wireless... Read More.