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Weeks of rain result in crop variability across southern Minnesota

There’s a lot of variability in Minnesota corn and soybean fields following two months of heavy rains. University of Minnesota Extension crops educator Dave Nicolai says farmers are having to make difficult decisions. “In some cases they might be replanting soybeans in some situations,... Read More.

Rains result in lost nitrogen

Farmers in wet areas of the Corn Belt are dealing with lost nitrogen. Iowa State University Extension agronomist Angie Rieck-Hinz says excessive rainfall has resulted in leaching. “We also have experienced a lot of denitrification in those ponded soils, and the question always comes... Read More.

Wet conditions could result in unusual crop symptoms

Abnormally wet conditions in parts of the Midwest could spawn some unusual symptoms in corn. University of Minnesota Extension integrated pest management specialist Bruce Potter says root rot crop diseases are common when field ponding occurs. “On corn we could see where things have... Read More.