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The Renewable Fuel Standard comment period deadline is approaching

Clean Fuels Alliance America is encouraging its members to submit comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Renewable Fuel Standard volumes by the Feb. 10 deadline. Clean Fuels Vice President of Federal Affairs Kurt Kovarik says the proposal is below existing biomass-based diesel production... Read More.

Continued growth with the Renewable Fuel Standard

A former senator and one of the authors of the Renewable Fuel Standard says the renewable fuel industry has continued to see growth since the RFS program was authorized in 2005. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota says the growing biodiesel and renewable diesel industry is... Read More.

Canola oil pathway for renewable diesel offers new opportunities

The Environmental Protection Agency is recognizing canola oil-derived renewable diesel as “advanced biofuels” under the Renewable Fuel Standard. Only biofuels produced by EPA-approved pathways are eligible for the RFS program. National Farmers Union Senior Advisor Anne Steckel says canola oil is a great... Read More.

Renewable energy headlines Illinois Farm Bureau delegate debate

Renewable energy policies took up much of the debate during the delegate session of the 2022 Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Chicago today. Executive Director of Governmental Affairs Mark Gebhards says when it comes to renewable energy, the organization is focused on finding... Read More.

Renewable fuels can benefit consumers

Did you know that biofuels, which are fuels derived from renewable feedstock sources like corn and soybean oil, can benefit consumers? Anne Steckel is senior advisor for the National Farmers Union,  an organization that represents family farms and ranches across the nation. She explains... Read More.

Anaerobic digestion seen as renewable energy solution

The potential of anaerobic digestion as a renewable energy solution is being discussed in southern Minnesota.  Shannon Schlecht with the Minnesota Ag Utilization Research Institute says anaerobic digestion involves using bacteria to break down biproducts to release methane that can be turned into... Read More.

NFU hopes to see increased renewable fuel blending requirements

As the EPA finalizes its proposal for renewable fuel blending requirements, the National Farmers Union is hoping to see 2023 volumes increase. Anne Steckel is senior advisor to the NFU. “We certainly hope that this administration continues to increase the amount of renewable fuels that... Read More.

Renewable diesel’s impact on global food supply chain

An ag economist says an increase in renewable diesel demand could disrupt the global food supply chain. AgResource Company President Dan Basse says a rise in new renewable diesel production facilities will boost competition for soybean oil. “This is done by incentives from California, Oregon,... Read More.