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Thompson: Prop 12 fix expected in new farm bill

The chairman of the House Agriculture Committee says he’s excited to include language in the new farm bill that addresses interstate commerce. Glenn “GT” Thompson tells Brownfield the Proposition 12 law that went into effect earlier this year has driven up the cost of... Read More.

Pork producers push for Prop 12 fix in farm bill

Pork producers want to see an answer to California’s Proposition 12 in the new farm bill. Duan Stateler, an Ohio producer and president-elect of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), says they want to avoid a patchwork of regulations across the country… “I don’t think... Read More.

Ernst blasts Prop 12, says the law will harm agriculture

A U.S. Senator from Iowa says she’s continuing to push back against California’s Proposition 12 law. Republican Joni Ernst says tells Brownfield Prop 12 will be harmful to food production and the ag economy. “We aren’t going to be able to sell across the United... Read More.

Hinson says many farmers are against Prop 12

U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says many pork producers have expressed disappointment with California’s Proposition 12 law. “Farmers have told me that regulations like Prop 12 will continue to drive consolidation and provide fewer options to source and market their pigs.” The Iowa Republican tells Brownfield,... Read More.

Hinson addresses Vilsack’s comments on Prop 12

A U.S. Representative from Iowa says Congress needs to find a solution that prevents states from passing laws similar to California’s Proposition 12. Republican Ashley Hinson says the Biden administration agrees. “Secretary Vilsack testified that producers will face chaos because of California’s Prop 12,... Read More.

Vilsack says Prop 12 could cause chaos in the marketplace

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says California’s Proposition 12 law could create some serious concerns for agricultural producers. “When each state has the ability to define for itself and for its consumers, exactly what farming techniques or practices are appropriate, it does create the possibility... Read More.

Finstad concerned Prop 12 “could devastate family farms”

A member of the House Agriculture Committee is very concerned about ramifications of Proposition 12. Minnesota Republican Brad Finstad says California’s animal housing law essentially means one state can dictate economic terms for the rest of the country. “So Prop 12 has been devastating for... Read More.

Pork producers still looking for solutions to Prop 12

The president of the Illinois Pork Producers Association says finding a fix for Proposition 12 is a top priority.  Chad Leman, an independent pork producer in central Illinois says the California rule lacks consistency. “It allows for ground pork to come into California... Read More.

Prop 12 solutions beyond EATS Act

Congressional opponents of California’s Proposition 12 are considering alternative solutions for pork producers if federal legislation fails. U.S. House Agriculture Committee member Angie Craig tells Brownfield the EATS Act, which would prevent states from regulating interstate trade and agricultural practices, faces significant hurdles in... Read More.

Economist says pork producers unsure of Prop 12 impact

A livestock economist says the pork industry is still uncertain how California’s Proposition 12 will impact markets. The state currently accounts for about 15 percent of the nation’s pork consumption and Brenda Boetel with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls says, “Does that mean that... Read More.

Attorney outlines some Prop 12 misconceptions

California’s Proposition 12 is in full effect and an ag law expert says pork producers need to be clear on the rules. Eldon McAfee is an attorney with Brick Gentry Law Firm representing the Iowa Pork Producers Association. He tells Brownfield Prop 12 applies... Read More.

Bipartisan solution needed to address Prop 12

The head of the Michigan Pork Producers Association says federal legislation needs to consider recent state laws that dictate how livestock should be raised. Mary Kelpinksi tells Brownfield while the EATs Act (Exposing Agricultural Trade Suppression Act) is intended to counter California’s Proposition 12... Read More.