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Pork export sales, shipments up sharply on week

The week ending February 8th was a big week for pork export sales. The USDA says pork sales were up sharply on the week, with strong demand from two key trading partners – Mexico and China. Physical shipments of pork were also strong.... Read More.

Pork producers concerned about patchwork of state regulations

Pork producers are concerned about the burden state livestock confinement laws are placing on the industry. National Pork Producers Council president-elect Lori Stevermer says a federal solution is needed to address California’s Proposition 12 and Question Three, a similar law passed in Massachusetts. “Something that’s... Read More.

Minnesota pork producers dealing with lack of available labor

Minnesota pork producers are struggling to find labor as unemployment numbers remain low.  Minnesota Pork Board president Darryl Timmerman says people are the number one resource for pig farmers. “So when you look at just general unemployment across the state of Minnesota, it’s very... Read More.

Pork group outlines farm bill priorities

A regional director for the National Pork Producers Council, serving Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin, says securing farm bill funds for foreign animal disease prevention and preparedness remains a top priority for the organization. Staff member Luke Wall tells Brownfield there are also other priorities.... Read More.

Another pork line speed extension possible

A decision is coming soon on pork processing line speeds, and industry leaders are optimistic. Since the end of November, six U.S. pork processors have been operating under an extended USDA trial of the Swine Slaughter Inspection Service to allow third-party worker safety experts... Read More.

Appetite for Pork Report

Discover the sizzling narrative behind the “Appetite for Pork Report” video series, brought to you by the National Pork Board. Unveiling the dynamic strategies of the Pork Checkoff, this engaging series delves into how it cultivates a robust appetite for U.S. pork. Explore the... Read More.

USMEF expects more growth for U.S. pork in Mexico

Mexico continues to be a leading market for U.S. pork producers. Dan Halstrom, president and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, says Mexico’s demand for American pork has been surging. “Number one, the economy is relatively strong,” he said. “Number two, we had... Read More.

Pork producers still looking for solutions to Prop 12

The president of the Illinois Pork Producers Association says finding a fix for Proposition 12 is a top priority.  Chad Leman, an independent pork producer in central Illinois says the California rule lacks consistency. “It allows for ground pork to come into California... Read More.

USMEF expects strong year for pork in ‘24

The president and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation says pork exports are in a strong position to start the year. Dan Halstrom tells Brownfield purchasing power picked up steam in 2023 despite some economic challenges. “We’re looking at somewhere in an 8-to-10%... Read More.

Economist says pork producers unsure of Prop 12 impact

A livestock economist says the pork industry is still uncertain how California’s Proposition 12 will impact markets. The state currently accounts for about 15 percent of the nation’s pork consumption and Brenda Boetel with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls says, “Does that mean that... Read More.