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Chinese demand boosts soybean price outlook

Recent Chinese demand is helping improve the outlook for soybean prices. Iowa State University Extension economist Chad Hart says China remains the number one export market for U.S. soybeans. “Seeing them being more active now shows that we’ll likely see that action ramp up... Read More.

Short-term weather outlook for WCB, ECB

An ag meteorologist says short-term outlooks show elevated chances of precipitation for parts of the Midwest. Eric Hunt with Nebraska Extension says some lower pressure systems could develop over the next 10 days. “We could have several inches of rain across a lot of... Read More.

Climatologist gives updated precipitation outlook

A weather expert says areas of the Corn Belt could receive some precipitation the rest of the week. Justin Glisan, state climatologist with the Iowa Department of Agriculture, says a more active storm track is expected. “We’ve seen more rainfall, more precipitation events south of... Read More.

USDA price outlook projects continued slide

USDA is projecting a continued downturn in commodity prices for 2024. Chief economist Seth Meyer tells Brownfield the slide began more than a year ago. “Off of those peaks in 2022. And generally speaking, the expectation is that for the 2024/2025 crop season that... Read More.

Market Outlook

University of Missouri Extension Agricultural Economist, Ben Brown says droughts stunted 2023 soybean yields means producers should keep an eye on supply side market signals. ... Market Outlook

CattleFax talks price outlook for 2024

With more contraction in the cattle herd, the CEO of CattleFax says that could signal good news for prices. Randy Blach says supplies are going to decline in 2024, 2025, and probably again in 2026. “And if you think about our markets in total,... Read More.

Crop insurance outlook

As congress works on the next farm bill, farmers are watching to see what happens with crop insurance. Cole Patrick with Compeer Financial says there are questions about how much money will be used for Title One, and that number could have major... Read More.