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USDA calls for improving prices along with larger herd

The USDA is forecasting milk production to increase this year with a larger-than-expected cow herd. In its April supply and demand report, USDA raised cheese and butter prices because of recent price strength.  Whey prices were also increased on stronger expected demand.  Nonfat dry... Read More.

Oat acres a little bit larger than last year

Oat acreage is expected to climb slightly higher this year. The USDA sees planted area for oats at 2.667 million acres, 3% above 2022, but still potentially the fifth lowest on record. Part of the increase can be tied to the rise in the use... Read More.

Weekly export sales larger than average

The USDA says export sales of several key U.S. commodities showed solid improvements. Soybeans, beef, pork, wheat, soybean oil, rice and cotton moved higher during the week ending January 19th, all seeing solid demand from several key trading partners and even the commodities... Read More.

USDA projecting larger beef, broiler, turkey production

The USDA has increased its expectations for 2022 beef, broiler, and turkey production, while decreasing the annual outlook for pork. Commercial beef production is pegged at 28.417 billion pounds, up 70 million from November due to slaughter data and heavier carcass weights, with an... Read More.