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Signs of insect feeding present at harvest

Signs of insect feeding are present in corn fields across the Midwest this fall. Tim O’Brien is a traits product manager for Syngenta and says this is a good time for farmers to check ears and other parts of the plant to see how pest... Read More.

Insect and disease pressure in the Dakotas and Minnesota

Late season disease and insect pressure is emerging in parts of the Upper Midwest. Rick Swenson with Peterson Farms Seed says aphids are a problem along the western side of Minnesota. “A lot of fields getting sprayed on the Minnesota side. Some on the South... Read More.

Michigan crops good, but some insect pressure

Michigan farmers were able to get a lot of field work done last week.  USDA’s Marlo Johnson says there were 6.5 days suitable for fieldwork with warm and windy conditions around much of the state. About half of the  corn and soybean crops are... Read More.