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Hinson says many farmers are against Prop 12

U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says many pork producers have expressed disappointment with California’s Proposition 12 law. “Farmers have told me that regulations like Prop 12 will continue to drive consolidation and provide fewer options to source and market their pigs.” The Iowa Republican tells Brownfield,... Read More.

Hinson addresses Vilsack’s comments on Prop 12

A U.S. Representative from Iowa says Congress needs to find a solution that prevents states from passing laws similar to California’s Proposition 12. Republican Ashley Hinson says the Biden administration agrees. “Secretary Vilsack testified that producers will face chaos because of California’s Prop 12,... Read More.

Hinson backs Farm to Fly Act

A U.S. Representative from Iowa says more clarity is needed for the development of sustainable aviation fuels. Republican Ashley Hinson tells Brownfield that’s why she’s supporting the Farm to Fly Act. “What we heard over and over again from producers of this fuel, people... Read More.

Hinson continues call for more precision ag resources

A U.S. Representative from Iowa says the next farm bill needs to expand access to precision agriculture tools. Republican Ashley Hinson tells Brownfield can help farmers navigate through challenging conditions, like drought. “Precision agriculture and innovation in the ag space helps to get better... Read More.

Hinson blasts McCarthy’s ousting, says farm bill work continues

A U.S. Representative from Iowa says work on the 2023 Farm Bill continues despite the recent chaos and dysfunction in Congress. Republican Ashley Hinson tells Brownfield she had a meeting with House Ag Committee Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson on Thursday. “What I can tell... Read More.

Rep. Hinson: Stricter foreign ag land ownership oversight is needed

Some members of Congress continue their push to increase oversight of foreign ag land ownership. U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says a recently introduced bill in the House, the Protecting U.S. Farmland and Sensitive Sites from Foreign Adversaries Act, would be a big step forward.... Read More.

Hinson explains ‘no’ vote on ag spending bill

U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she voted against the ag spending bill late Thursday. “Last night’s bill goes beyond red lining waste in my mind,” she said. “It undermines rural America. I will not compromise when it comes to investing in Iowa agriculture, and... Read More.

Hinson frustrated with lack of action on E15 legislation

U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson is calling on the Biden administration to put more emphasis on renewable fuels. “Iowans want President Biden to pursue an all-of-the-above energy strategy to lower fuel prices,” she said. “We need to make the sale of E15 permanent to immediately... Read More.

Hinson says U.S. needs to be more aggressive on ag trade

A U.S. Representative from Iowa says farmers and ranchers need more certainty when it comes to trade. Republican Ashley Hinson tells Brownfield, “Frankly, we’ve been slow to the draw to get things moving on trade under this administration. I think we need to be... Read More.

Hinson backs new foreign ag land ownership bill

Some lawmakers are taking a closer look at foreign ag land ownership in the U.S.  U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she supports a bill that would limit U.S. farmland purchases by some foreign entities. “It’s the first time since 2018 that we’ve taken a really... Read More.

Hinson says farm bill talks ramping up

U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says farm bill talks are picking up steam and she has several priorities that would help improve bottom lines for producers. “Continuing to support conservation programs, crop insurance, and robust animal health support,” she said. “All of those are priorities... Read More.

Hinson says EATS Act will protect interstate commerce

U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she’s backing a bill that would prevent states from regulating interstate trade and agricultural practices. “American’s need access to cheap and affordable protein,” she said. “The way to make it more expensive during a time of high inflation is... Read More.