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Learning more about TriVolt, grower to grower

TriVolt herbicide provides farmers with consistent weed control for key grass and broadleaf weeds. In this Managing for Profit, Marcel Mesquita with Bayer says the company is so confident about TriVolt’s performance it is connecting grower with other growers so they can hear about it... Read More.

Harvest nears completion for northwest Iowa grower

Harvest is past the halfway point for northwest Iowa farmer Brent Swart. “About average yields that we’ve seen here in northwest Iowa both in soybeans and corn. Most of the soybean harvest has finished up. Most growers are getting a good start to the... Read More.

Pumpkin crop finished strong for Illinois grower

A central Illinois pumpkin grower says despite a challenging growing season, they are harvesting a good crop. Ackerman Farms grows 30 acres or about 30,000 pumpkins in Morton, Illinois. John Ackerman tells Brownfield 50 days of no rain in May and June had him... Read More.

Northwest Minnesota wheat grower disappointed with yields

A spring wheat grower in northwest Minnesota says yields are disappointing. Theresia Gillie began harvest Wednesday. “Kind of a little disappointing for me, (yields are) about two-thirds of my average. We just didn’t get the rains we needed.” She tells Brownfield an abnormally warm summer... Read More.

Organic grower goes back to grain

An Illinois farmer says he’s reverting his organic vegetable farm back to grain to simplify the operation. Hans Bishop operates PrairiErth Farm in Alanta. “It just seemed like if I wanted to keep farming, I needed to do something that was a little easier on... Read More.

Soybean harvest starts and stops for South Dakota grower

Soybean harvest is underway for a farmer in northeast South Dakota. Riley Buck of Bryant says he started Monday afternoon. “I’ve done a little bit, and now we’re going to be sitting still. We had some beans that were ready, and most of them are... Read More.

Michigan apple grower estimates up to 10% cost increase

An apple grower says inflation has made this year’s crop more expensive and consumers will likely pay more at retail. “Costs keep going up, probably going to be five to ten percent higher this year.” Michigan fruit ridge grower Phil Schwallier tells Brownfield up to... Read More.

Illinois grower seeing worsening waterhemp

Waterhemp is becoming a tougher weed to deal with in the Midwest. Central Illinois farmer Ron Kindred tells Brownfield waterhemp seems to be building resistance in his fields. “We’re spraying Liberty right now; I use the 36 ounce rate,” he said. “It looked like we... Read More.