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RFA study examines plug-in hybrid flex fuel vehicles

A recent study by the Renewable Fuels Association found plug-in electric hybrid flex fuel vehicles can substantially reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. RFA’s Robert White tells Brownfield the vehicle has the capability to operate on ethanol blends up to 85% and it showed some advantages... Read More.

California’s low carbon fuel standard hearing delayed

The California Clean Air Resources Board has postponed a mid-March hearing to consider amendments to the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. U.S. ethanol groups submitted comments earlier this week on the proposal, which would set sustainability requirements for biofuel feedstocks in California. Renewable Fuels... Read More.

Craig says U.S. has opportunity in sustainable aviation fuel

Minnesota Representative Angie Craig told the House Agriculture Committee Wednesday the U.S. has a unique opportunity to get the sustainable aviation fuel industry off the ground.  She told Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack she’s waiting for word from an interagency group updating the GREET... Read More.

Ag industry lauds potential of sustainable aviation fuel

A governing board member for Clean Fuels Alliance America says sustainable aviation fuel is a groundbreaking market for the ag industry. Greg Anderson tells Brownfield the next six years will change the clean fuels landscape. “There aren’t great quantities of sustainable aviation fuel, or... Read More.

Support grows for sustainable aviation fuel

A policy expert in the airline industry says sustainable aviation fuel can be a worldwide opportunity to help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Jeff Davidman, vice president of government affairs with Delta Air Lines, says the fuel can accelerate progress toward a net zero future.... Read More.

RFA says more flex fuel vehicles needed in California

The Renewable Fuels Association is asking California to increase the availability of flex-fuel vehicles throughout the state. Scott Richman, RFA chief economist, says demand has rapidly grown for E85 fuel blends in California. “Sales were 40 million gallons as late as 2020. They’ve increased... Read More.

Different Crops Offer More Clean Fuel Options

Clean Fuels Alliance America Consultant Alan Weber tells Brownfield that there are several different crops that can be used as clean fuels. He says there will be more discussion during the 2024 Clean Fuels Conference about these crops and future forecasts. ...