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Consider changing cattle feeding patterns during extreme heat

An extension beef veterinarian encourages cattle producers to consider changing feed schedules during extreme heat. Grant Dewell with Iowa State University says ruminant animals like cows generate heat when eating. “We all generate heat when we digest stuff, but cattle and other ruminants produce a... Read More.

Signs of insect feeding present at harvest

Signs of insect feeding are present in corn fields across the Midwest this fall. Tim O’Brien is a traits product manager for Syngenta and says this is a good time for farmers to check ears and other parts of the plant to see how pest... Read More.

Limited feeding could cut costs, improve performance in cattle

An extension beef specialist says limited feeding for cattle can offset record input costs without sacrificing animal nutrition. Dale Blasi with Kansas State University tells Brownfield it can reduce the cost of gain by a about a nickel per pound. “We see savings from... Read More.