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Government shutdown would impact farmers

Another government shutdown looms and farmers will be affected if it happens. U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley says House and Senate leadership are meeting with President Biden this afternoon to discuss an extension of current deadlines to get the appropriations done. “In between now... Read More.

Ethanol discussion expected at National Farmers Union convention

Wisconsin’s Farmers Union President expects familiar issues including ethanol will be discussed at the upcoming national convention. Darin Von Ruden tells Brownfield Darin Von Ruden tells Brownfield there isn’t 100% nationwide support from Farmers Union members. “We’re certainly going to be talking about... Read More.

Farmers play a part in decarbonizing ethanol

A soil health expert in southeastern Iowa says farmers have a role to play in helping decarbonize the U.S. ethanol industry. Mitchell Hora with Continuum Ag, a soil health intelligence company, says farmers can get rewarded for implementing conservation practices on the farm from... Read More.

Hinson says many farmers are against Prop 12

U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says many pork producers have expressed disappointment with California’s Proposition 12 law. “Farmers have told me that regulations like Prop 12 will continue to drive consolidation and provide fewer options to source and market their pigs.” The Iowa Republican tells Brownfield,... Read More.

USDA says more women, young farmers on the job

USDA’s newly-released Census of Agriculture shows women and young farmers play important roles on the farm. Statistician Virginia Harris told USDA’s Agriculture Outlook Forum Thursday they started collecting more information in 2017 about men and women, and their roles on the farm. “Most... Read More.

More wind events leading to added insurance options for farmers

An increase in damaging wind events across the Midwest has led to more insurance options for farmers. Doug Yoder, crop agency manager for Country Financial, says recent years have provided new challenges for farmers… “There’s no denying that Illinois farmers are experiencing different types of... Read More.

Farmers glad to see dicamba back in toolbox for 2024

A director with the American Soybean Association says he’s pleased the Environmental Protection Agency is allowing farmers to use existing stocks of dicamba for the upcoming growing season. This week, EPA issued an existing stocks order for dicamba, allowing for its limited use in... Read More.

Farmers have some weed control options

An extension weed scientist says farmers still might not be able to get dicamba this spring even with the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent order allowing the use of existing stocks. But Kevin Bradley with University of Missouri Extension tells Brownfield farmers have options. “I think... Read More.