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Dicamba is no longer an option for some soybean farmers

The EPA deadline for over-the-top dicamba applications for soybeans in four states has come and gone. Purdue Extension weed scientist Bill Johnson says June 12th was the last day for application in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,  and southern Minnesota, but… “We still have the ability to use... Read More.

Farmers start to make late planting adjustments

A soybean and small grains agronomist says the number one factor in loss of soybean yield is late planting date. Ohio State University’s Laura Lindsey says about 12 percent of the state’s soybeans still need to be planted. “As we enter, into more mid June,... Read More.

Agronomist says farmers remain cautious about crop spending

An agronomist says farmers are being careful about their crop investments. Travis Hofslien from Alcivia Cooperative tells Brownfield with margins tight and commodity prices low, farmers are relying on soil testing to make sure they’re not wasting money on fertility inputs. “There are... Read More.

Farmers seek rootworm solutions

After a troublesome 2023, more farmers are looking for ways to deal with corn rootworm problems.  Agronomist Brandon Furseth with Dairyland Seeds tells Brownfield much of southern Wisconsin has been dealing with more corn rootworm problems for a couple of years, but the... Read More.

New IL Master Farmers inducted today

A new crop of Illinois Master Farmers are being inducted today (THU). Holly Spangler, editor of Prairie Farmer magazine, which has handed out the awards since 1925, tells Brownfield the awards… “Recognize farmers who do both a good job at producing grain and/or livestock, and... Read More.

Most farmers in good financial shape

An agricultural banker says most farmers will enter the growing season in good financial shape.  Commodity prices are not ideal, and margins are tight, but ag banker Daniel Duthie with Bremer Bank tells Brownfield most farmers are in good financial shape. “We’ve... Read More.

Iowa soybean farmers to celebrate National Soy Foods Month in April

An Iowa Soybean Association director says soy is a valuable protein source. April Hemmes tells Brownfield soybeans are packed with other nutrients including B vitamins, fiber, iron, calcium and phytonutrients. “When farmers think about soy, you don’t automatically go to the human use and... Read More.

Small grain farmers excited to begin growing season

The seeding of small grains is expected to accelerate in the Upper Midwest. Minnesota Wheat executive director Brian Sorenson says growers are excited. “With the mild winter we’ve had and things melting, fields starting to dry up, there’s a lot of excitement to get out... Read More.

Farmers carrying more operating debt

An ag banker says farmers are carrying more operating debt as production costs increase. Barry Benson, VP of Agribusiness Banking at FNBO, suggests the farm economy is becoming more challenging as commodity prices soften while input costs remain high. “So with higher debt levels and... Read More.

Farmers & firefighters excited about new soybean product

Farmers and firefighters are excited about a soybean-based firefighting foam that would replace existing products made with forever chemicals. Pat Mulooly with the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board is in Dalton, Georgia, where Cross Plains Solutions demonstrated the foam product they developed. “There is... Read More.