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NW MO farmers prep for Missouri River flooding

A farmer in northwest Missouri says grain and equipment are being moved and levees are being checked in preparation for flooding along the Missouri River. Travis Milne farms in Holt County. Milne tells Brownfield he’s been pumping water from recent rains out of the... Read More.

SD farmers affected by flooding encouraged to contact FSA

The state executive director with South Dakota’s Farm Service Agency says the southeast part of the state has experienced some crop losses from the flooding in late June. Steve Dick tells Brownfield “we’re hearing reports that as much as 30% of the acres in... Read More.

Economic development in Indiana is impacting farmers

The director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture says economic development has created a lot of opportunity in the state, but it has impacted farmers.  Don Lamb tells Brownfield the state has lost about 2 percent of its farmland in the past 12 years and... Read More.

Buckwheat processing building markets for Michigan farmers

A small Michigan food manufacturer expects the state to play a greater role in buckwheat production as consumer demand for the ancient grain increases. Claire Smith is the seventh generation of her family’s farm and founder of Tenera Grains. “It grows really well in... Read More.

Tennessee farmers gain on fieldwork with dry conditions

Winter wheat harvest and cotton planting is nearly finished in Tennessee. USDA says winter wheat is now 78 percent harvest, ahead of last year and the five-year average. Cotton is 99 percent planted, 40 percent squared, and 57 percent good to excellent.  Corn is... Read More.

Farmers react to devastating weekend rains

Farmers in the Upper Midwest are assessing the impact of devastating weekend rains. Angela Guentzel farms near Mankato in south-central Minnesota and says there’s been record rainfall this spring. “And (officials) have just declared a state of emergency for flash floodings, and that’s just... Read More.

AEM says some farmers are replacing older tractors

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers says the sales market for tractors remains generally soft.  Curt Blades is their Senior Vice President. He tells Brownfield, “I wouldn’t say cause for concerns, but it sort of mimmicks what we’ve been hearing in headlines for the overall... Read More.

Diversifying revenue opportunities for dairy farmers

Margins are tight for many dairy producers and some are looking for ways to diversify their revenue. A recent survey from the University of Missouri found commercial dairies in the state have decreased nearly 70% over the past decade. Central-Missouri dairy farmer Ted Bruemmer... Read More.

Indiana Grain Indemnity Program supports the state’s farmers

An ag lawyer says a ruling earlier this year reinforces the benefit of the Indiana Grain Indemnity Program for the state’s farmers.   Brianna Schroeder, from Janzen Schroeder Ag Law says the fund is supported by voluntary farmer payments.  “The grain indemnity program reimburses losses incurred by farmers... Read More.

Severe storms impacting IL farmers

A meteorologist with the National Weather Service says the number of major storms that have impacted Illinois farmers and communities is up this year. Ed Shimon, at NWS’s Lincoln office, tells Brownfield hail and flooding have caused major headaches. “The atmosphere is holding a... Read More.