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Northern Illinois wheat producer excited for harvest

A northern Illinois farmer says the wheat crop looks as good as he’s ever seen. Mark Tuttle, who’s based in Dekalb County, says he’s excited about the upcoming harvest. “It’s a couple weeks early and it’s starting to get a little yellow tint to it.” ... Read More.

Small grain farmers excited to begin growing season

The seeding of small grains is expected to accelerate in the Upper Midwest. Minnesota Wheat executive director Brian Sorenson says growers are excited. “With the mild winter we’ve had and things melting, fields starting to dry up, there’s a lot of excitement to get out... Read More.

Farmers & firefighters excited about new soybean product

Farmers and firefighters are excited about a soybean-based firefighting foam that would replace existing products made with forever chemicals. Pat Mulooly with the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board is in Dalton, Georgia, where Cross Plains Solutions demonstrated the foam product they developed. “There is... Read More.