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Cover crops absorbing excess rain

A longtime user of cover crops says the infiltration benefits have helped prevent excess moisture stress in recent weeks. John Burke farms within a mile of Michigan’s Saginaw Bay. “Our soils are very flat where I’m at, they’re all lakebed soils,” he explains. “Erosion... Read More.

Excess moisture is causing some crop losses

A southwestern Wisconsin farmer says when it comes to moisture, 2023 and 2024 are opposite extremes. Mike Berget says, “This time last year, we were wondering if we were even going to have a crop, and now this year, we’re wondering if it’s going... Read More.

Nitrogen loss from excess moisture in Minnesota fields

Oversaturated soils are resulting in lost crop nutrients. University of Minnesota Extension educator Brad Carlson says many fields are several inches above water-holding capacity. “The loss processes of nitrogen are water-based. So when we have saturated conditions that’s when we’re at high risk for... Read More.