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Using the Entire John Deere Suite

Illinois farmer Chris Gould says he uses the whole suite of John Deere software and hardware to manage his operation. Beginning with the yield monitor at harvest, he tells Brownfield the data informs fertilizer and seeding rates for the next growing season. ...

Paying farmers for climate practices improves entire food system

An ag researcher says climate investments in agriculture need to be consistent over time for any meaningful impact to be made. Michigan State University’s Bruno Basso tells Brownfield long-term sustainability needs to be prioritized as private and public sector climate programs develop. “The core benefits... Read More.

Entire organic supply chain needs certification

The USDA is helping more businesses become certified organic as part of updates made with the Strengthening Organic Enforcement Final Rule. Deputy Administrator of the National Organic Program Jennifer Tucker says some handlers were previously exempt. “And that led to some significant problems in oversight,”... Read More.

Input estimations helpful to entire supply chain

An ag advisor is recommending farmers start making an input delivery plan with their ag retailers to combat 2023 supply chain delays. Ashley Buehrer with the Andersons tells Brownfield, “On an average year, this is about the cheapest fertilizer will be,” she says.  “And... Read More.