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Missouri winter wheat rating up despite dryness

Missouri weather was warm and dry for much of February. The USDA says the average statewide temperature was ten degrees above normal and precipitation was more than an inch under the usual levels, with more than 60% of the state seeing abnormally dry to... Read More.

Above trend yields realized despite dryness

The lead economist for the National Corn Growers Association says a record corn yield during a year with widespread drought comes as a bit of a surprise. Krista Swanson says some of the major corn-yielding states happened to be in some of the top... Read More.

Plan for herbicide carryover if dryness continues in 2024

A weed specialist with University of Missouri Extension says farmers should be mindful of the impacts persistent dry conditions have on crops in the next growing season. Kevin Bradley says herbicide carryover can injure crops early. He says it’s noticeable when farmers apply herbicides... Read More.

Longer-term dryness expected after rains

A principal atmospheric scientist says much-needed rain is in the forecast for portions of the Corn Belt this week. Eric Snodgrass with Nutrien Ag Solutions tells Brownfield the additional moisture is coming to Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois and the Eastern Corn Belt. “There’s a half inch... Read More.

Eastern Iowa crops suffering from prolonged dryness

Crops in eastern Iowa have been suffering from the drought this summer. Fred Abels grows corn and soybeans near Holland in Grundy County and says it’s been dry. “We’ve gotten a little bit of showers to sustain us, but I just came home from Grundy... Read More.

Michigan dryness continues

Continued dry weather is starting to impact crop emergence and conditions in Michigan. Corn Marketing Program of Michigan Director of Research and Agronomy Kristin Poley tells Brownfield there’s no rain forecasted until at least the weekend. “And if we don’t get any rain and emergence... Read More.

Abnormal dryness spreading across the mitten

The president of the Michigan Farmers Union tells Brownfield it’s extremely dry for his area in the center of the state. Bob Thompson grows row corn, soybeans, and hay in Isabella County. “I personally am cutting hay for the first time in May in my... Read More.

Dryness more noticeable across Missouri

The director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources says dry conditions are becoming more noticeable. “Throughout Missouri, there are localized areas where drought is persisting.” Dru Buntin tells Brownfield if more rain doesn’t come, it is possible the state drought assessment committee could reconvene.... Read More.

Dryness a concern for farmers in western Minnesota

A lack of subsoil moisture is a concern for farmers in western Minnesota. DEKALB Asgrow agronomist Steven Regan says drought conditions persisted into the fall. “And we did not receive much for fall precipitation, so a lot of our tile lines, I’d say most of our... Read More.