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John Deere announces Waterloo layoffs

John Deere says it’s laying off 317 production employees at its Waterloo, Iowa facilities. In a statement to Brownfield, company officials said the indefinite layoffs are effective April 29th and employees were informed of the decision on Tuesday. The company says it balances the size... Read More.

John Deere S7 Combine

John Deere go-to-market manager for harvesting equipment Bergen Nelson says Deere is launching the new S7 combine, featuring four models. He tells Brownfield the S7 offers improved productivity through new harvesting automation and engine technology. ... John Deere S7 Combine

Deere, Kinze, and Ag Leader announce agreement to integrate tech

John Deere, Kinze Manufacturing, and Ag Leader Technology are working together to make it easier for farmers to integrate equipment and technology on their operations. Farmers who operate Kinze and Ag Leader planting and display products can now integrate their agronomic data seamlessly into... Read More.

John Deere to layoff 150 workers in Ankeny, Iowa

John Deere has announced a round of layoffs at its facility in Ankeny, Iowa. Company officials tell Brownfield approximately 150 production employees at John Deere Des Moines Works will be placed on indefinite layoff effective over April and May. The employees were informed of... Read More.

Using the Entire John Deere Suite

Illinois farmer Chris Gould says he uses the whole suite of John Deere software and hardware to manage his operation. Beginning with the yield monitor at harvest, he tells Brownfield the data informs fertilizer and seeding rates for the next growing season. ...