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December ethanol exports solid

Ethanol exports ended 2023 on a strong note. The Renewable Fuels Association says December’s ethanol exports of 155.6 million gallons were up 34% from November, which pulled annual exports to 1.43 billion gallons, the third largest volume on record. Canada took the top slot... Read More.

December cheese, butter production up on year

U.S. cheese and butter production during December 2023 were up on the year. The USDA says total cheese output climbed nearly 1% from December 2022 to 1.21 billion pounds, with fractional gains for both Italian and American type cheeses, at 509.533 million and 488.063... Read More.

Record soybean crush, good corn for ethanol use in December

More soybeans were crushed during December 2023 than any other month on record. The USDA says that crush was 204 million bushels, up 4 million from November and 17 million from December 2022. That was largely driven by profitable late-year margins and expectations for strong... Read More.

USDA price indices fractionally lower in December

The USDA’s indices of prices received and paid by farmers were both down in December. The USDA says the index of prices received was 0.4% lower than in November as losses in cattle, hogs, milk, and turkeys canceled out gains in corn, broilers, eggs,... Read More.

Decline for December poultry production

Domestic poultry production dropped during December. The USDA says 4.062 billion pounds of poultry were certified wholesome, a down 6% on the year, including 3.657 billion pounds of chicken, 6% lower, and 393.012 million pounds of turkey, a decrease of 5%. Those declines were due... Read More.

December red meat production up on year

Domestic red meat production during December was up on the year. The USDA says production was 4.546 billion pounds, 2% more than December 2022, due to heavier weights for cattle and a faster slaughter pace for hogs. Beef production was 2% higher at 2.19... Read More.

Milk production dipped in December

U.S. milk production dipped slightly in December of 2023.  USDA reports the 24 major milk-producing states made 18.1 billion pounds of milk, down one-tenth of a percent from a year ago.    USDA also revised November’s production down six-tenths of a percent from earlier... Read More.

December egg production up on year

U.S. egg production was up in December, with numbers pointing towards short term growth in table egg supplies and tighter broiler chicken numbers. The USDA says 9.54 billion eggs were produced during December 2023, up 3% from December 2022, including more than 8 billion... Read More.

Ohio sees warm, mostly dry December

Warm temperatures and below average rainfall dominated Ohio in December. The USDA says the average temperature statewide was for the month was the third highest on record while precipitation was almost a half an inch below usual, but with some late month rain, which... Read More.

Mild December for Arkansas

December was mild for most farmers in Arkansas. The USDA says that mild weather came with average rainfall and most of the state is reporting adequate to surplus soil moisture. Still, more of Arkansas reports short to very short soil moisture conditions than this time... Read More.

KDOT Announces Approved December Bids

By Kansas Department of Transportation The Kansas Department of Transportation announces approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects. The letting took place Dec. 13, 2023, in Topeka. Some of the bids may include multiple projects that have... Read More.