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Sen. Moran Urges Continued Negotiations on the Stalled Farm Bill

By the Office of U.S. Senator for Kansas Jerry Moran  WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) spoke on the Senate Floor calling on his colleagues and leadership of the Senate Committee on Agriculture to resume negotiations on a new Farm Bill. “American agriculture is... Read More.

Continued contraction in cattle industry

A livestock economist says USDA’s February Cattle on Feed report indicated more contraction in the industry. University of Missouri’s Scott Brown says, “I don’t read too much into the fact that placements succeeded pre-report (estimates) just because of that cold weather uncertainty I think... Read More.

USDA price outlook projects continued slide

USDA is projecting a continued downturn in commodity prices for 2024. Chief economist Seth Meyer tells Brownfield the slide began more than a year ago. “Off of those peaks in 2022. And generally speaking, the expectation is that for the 2024/2025 crop season that... Read More.