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Pork producers concerned about patchwork of state regulations

Pork producers are concerned about the burden state livestock confinement laws are placing on the industry. National Pork Producers Council president-elect Lori Stevermer says a federal solution is needed to address California’s Proposition 12 and Question Three, a similar law passed in Massachusetts. “Something that’s... Read More.

Wisconsin Soybean president concerned about regulations

Commodity groups are concerned about regulations handcuffing farmers. Wisconsin Soybean president Sara Stelter says that was a big topic during the association’s annual meeting earlier this month. “We’re always concerned on a national level about what the EPA is doing, and how that might effect... Read More.

Soybean leader concerned about farm bill in election year

The American Soybean Association’s government affairs director says she’s concerned about how the elections might impact progress on a new farm bill. Virginia Houston tells Brownfield that good agriculture policy can be delayed or stopped. “There are concerns, of course, of the farm... Read More.

Finstad concerned Prop 12 “could devastate family farms”

A member of the House Agriculture Committee is very concerned about ramifications of Proposition 12. Minnesota Republican Brad Finstad says California’s animal housing law essentially means one state can dictate economic terms for the rest of the country. “So Prop 12 has been devastating for... Read More.

Land O’Lakes concerned about U.S. ag trade deficit

One of the nation’s largest ag and food cooperatives is concerned about the U.S. trade deficit. Land O’Lakes vice president of government and industry affairs Matt Wohlman says a significant shift is occurring in the trade environment, resulting in about a $17 billion ag... Read More.

Economist concerned about farm bill delays

An agricultural economist is concerned about the delays in Washington and how they affect the new farm bill.  Jonathan Coppess at the University of Illinois tells Brownfield the first continuing resolution extended the 2018 Farm Bill for a year covering the 2024 crop year,... Read More.

U.S. Senators very concerned about IPO plans for JBS

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators has expressed deep concerns about the New York Stock Exchange IPO (Initial Public Offering) plans for Brazilian meat-packing giant JBS S.A. JBS is one of the four largest meat packers in the United States. In a... Read More.

Soybean growers concerned about EPA chlorpyrifos rulemaking

Chlorpyrifos is back in the farmer’s toolbox for eleven crops, but soybean growers worry the EPA will take it away again.  Grower Tanner Johnson with the Wisconsin Soybean Association says, “Perhaps they would try to use some of the blanket rules that they’ve... Read More.

Difficult political environment in Lansing leaves farmers concerned

Michigan’s largest agricultural organization says they’re concerned about what direction the state’s legislature will take on some environmental bills still in committee.  Legislative counsel Ben Tirrell tells Brownfield elections earlier this month have led to the Michigan state House being evenly split with... Read More.

Iowa farmer concerned about global uncertainties

A north Iowa farmer is factoring in global uncertainties as he markets grain. Brent Renner grows corn and soybeans near Klemme. “This Middle East situation kind of scares me to death. That just throws another wild card or monkey wrench in the whole system,... Read More.

Minnesota farmer concerned about pesticide regulations

A west-central Minnesota farmer is concerned regulations will further limit the availability of crop protection products. Jamie Beyer grows soybeans, corn, sugarbeets, and alfalfa near Wheaton and says her crops depend on certain pesticides. “And every time a tool gets removed from that packet of... Read More.