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Switching to biodiesel on the farm

An eastern Iowa farmer says he’s hopeful the usage of biodiesel increases on farming operations. Dave Walton is a board member for the American Soybean Association and Clean Fuels Alliance America. “There’s still a slow adoption rate at the farm level, but we are... Read More.

Producers benefit from increased biodiesel production

A governing board member for Clean Fuels Alliance America says the production of biodiesel has helped provide some added value to farmers. Greg Anderson, who also farms in northeast Nebraska, says the clean fuels industry increases market opportunities for soybeans. “Soybeans continue to comprise about... Read More.

Biodiesel availability top of mind at 2024 Clean Fuels Conference

The availability of biodiesel is a focus of this year’s Clean Fuels Conference. Hanna Campbell, demand specialist with the Michigan Soybean Committee, says biodiesel is growing in popularity in her state, but, “Unfortunately, we’re just kind of waiting for that supply to catch up,”... Read More.