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Benefits of Better Quality Beans

U.S. soybeans are the best on the market. The industry is a global leader in sustainability, quality, nutrient density, and more. In this Managing for Profit, Illinois Soybean Association board member Brock Willard shares why that matters when it comes to demand and the bottom line... Read More.

RFA to EPA: final rule disregards ethanol’s carbon benefits

Ethanol industry supporters say the Biden administration’s new automobile emissions standards miss the mark and disregard the carbon benefits of ethanol. Harold Wolle, a Minnesota farmer and president of the National Corn Growers Association, says the final rule from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency... Read More.

Is restructuring MAEAP delivery worth the benefits?

The Michigan Association of Conservation Districts says a plan to move technicians for the state’s voluntary environmental assurance program out of conservation districts removes a local presence for farmers. President Jerry Miller tells Brownfield the program has been successful because of its confidential, third-party... Read More.

The health benefits of red foods for Valentine’s Day

We’re often advised to eat the colors of the rainbow because each color contains different nutrients.  Since it’s Valentine’s Day and Heart Health Month, here are some fun facts about the red-hued foods we know and love. AUDIO: Healthy Living on benefits of red-hued... Read More.

Farmers see economic benefits of clean fuels production

The rise of the clean fuels industry continues to add value to soybean oil and it’s beneficial to farmers raising the crop. Matt Stutzman raises 3,000 acres of corn, soybeans and hard red winter wheat in southeastern Michigan. “I’m a producer, so anytime they... Read More.

Iowa farmer sees benefits from cover crops ahead of soybeans

A northwest Iowa farmer is seeing benefits from planting cover crops ahead of soybeans. “Including increased weed control.” Sam Bennett of Ida County says cover crops suppress weeds, allowing him to cut back on herbicide use. “We figure that the cover crop is paying for itself... Read More.

Benefits of spring soil sampling

An agronomist says spring soil testing can help producers set realistic yield goals for the upcoming growing season. Stephanie Zelinko with AgroLiquid says it allows farmers to take inventory of what nutrients are available in their soils. “Getting that good baseline of what your... Read More.